In this issue:

Local Authorities:“The reorganization of local autonomies in Tuscany: Regional Law No. 22/2015” by Sabrina Iommi (IRPET)

Local Authorities: “The new Provinces and the centrality of public investments” by Franco Osculati (University of Pavia)

Local Authorities: “The reorganization of Provinces: which wide-area authority for future administration?” by Ruben Cheli (UPI-Toscana)

Local Authorities: “The Metropolitan City of Florence: its functions and resources” by Rocco Conte (Metropolitan City of Florence)

Europa: “The reorganization of metropolitan areas at European level, with a focus on the French case” by Giancarlo Pola (University of Ferrara) and Vittorio Ferri (Éupolis Lombardia)

Activities and News: “Initiatives”, “Publications”