Two thousand-thirteen has still been a year of recession for our region, even though compared to their expectations economic agents have found some symptoms of gradual improvement.
While the conditions for recovery are taking shape, during 2014 it should not be possible to take off and leave the “zero growth” phase. To regain the pace of a stronger growth, considering the length of this crisis, will probably be postponed to 2015.
In this framework, which on the whole remains a cause of concern, there is evidence that Tuscany is behaving better than the rest of Italy, mainly thanks to its ability to capture international demand. In this context of growing uncertainties and complexities, some firms have taken steps that led not only to increase their sales abroad but also, as a consequence of having gained the international markets, to increase their production and turnover.

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Autore: Il Rapporto è frutto della collaborazione fra l’Ufficio Studi di Unioncamere Toscana ed IRPET, con il coordinamento di Riccardo Perugi (Unioncamere Toscana) e Leonardo Ghezzi (IRPET).
Il gruppo di lavoro è formato da: Elena Cappellini, Stefano Casini Benvenuti, Tommaso Ferraresi, Leonardo Ghezzi, Renato Paniccià e Nicola Sciclone (IRPET); da Andrea Cardosi, Cristina Marullo, Riccardo Perugi e Silvia Rettori (Unioncamere Toscana); Chiara Boschi (Cispel Confservizi Toscana)
Elaborazioni statistiche: Maria Luisa Maitino, Valentina Patacchini e Stefano Rosignoli (IRPET); Lauretta Ermini, Cristina Marullo, Silvia Pincione e Silvia Rettori (Unioncamere Toscana)