Despite a growth rate close to zero, in 2014 Tuscany has again achieved a better result than the other Italian regions, mainly thanks to international market performances. However, we are not yet out of this recession, which has been going on for too long now. According to the current forecasts, recovery is postponed to 2015 and should reach a level of about 1%.
The repercussions of such a long period of difficulties are palpable in all respects and they are so serious as to make it an absolutely extraordinary phase of our history.
In the first place, it is obvious that the problem is national as well as European, and consequently the possibility of exiting the crisis depends largely on decision making at both levels.
Nevertheless, the case of Tuscany is worth monitoring, if nothing else because, considering the available indicators, its performances are superior to those of other regions. This seems to suggest that, notwithstanding the serious problems perceived by firms and families as well as by public administration, the region presents a concentration of virtuous subjects, who may perhaps help to find again the “straight path” that was lost.

Autore: Stefano Casini Benvenuti, Leonardo Ghezzi e Nicola Sciclone

con la collaborazione di Leonardo Piccini