To do more with less and, what’s more, without knowing exactly how much! The vagueness of the institutional and regulatory framework, combined with a prolonged period of recession are hampering the already difficult implementation of fiscal decentralization started in the Nineties. Decentralized authorities must increase taxation, whereas many public sectors are witnessing a strong tendency to re-centralize decision-making processes. At the same time, European institutions are pushing toward regional governance, thus asking for a surplus of Regions’ power. The report on territorial finance, at its ninth edition, offers an updated overview of the complex and critical juncture in our country’s decentralization process. The first part of the work provides a comprehensive interpretation of the difficult transition from different funding and management models of public affairs. The second part goes deeper into the investigation of the policies pursued by Regions for an optimal use of local and communitarian resources.

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Autore: IRES Piemonte, IRPET, SRM, Eupolis Lombardia, IPRES, Liguria Ricerche