Cover rapporto terr 2015The now customary Report on territory presented by IRPET each year collects the more up-to-date considerations drawn from the debates and research suggestions recently made by institutions. It also constitutes an opportunity to exchange views for experts of Tuscany, hence a chance to take important cues for wider and detailed scholarly examinations. As in previous years, the volume hosts some interesting contributions from Tuscan university teachers, opening a dialogue among economists, urban planners and geographers.
The report is divided into two sections: the first is devoted to a re-reading of development geography in metropolitan and medium-sized cities as well as in inland areas, in view of the new European planning phase; the second is aimed at considering public policies – on planning as well as on taxes and local public expenditure – in terms of their direct and, especially, indirect effects on territorial dynamics.


Autore: A cura di Chiara Agnoletti, Sabrina Iommi e Patrizia Lattarulo

Publication details: © IRPET, 2015 ISBN 978-88-6517-066-3