CoverRapp_DONNE PO_2012.13The study here introduced provides an accurate account of the number of women in Tuscan firms with more than 100 employees. The results are obtained from the processing of the data reported by firms in accordance with the provision of Law 125/1992, concerning “Positive actions for the achievement of gender equality at work”.

In Tuscany, the survey on the state of art as regards the personnel of medium and large-sized enterprises has been promoted since 1992 by the Offices of the Equal Opportunities Councillor, trying to maintain as much as possible methodological continuity and reliability over time. Keeping in mind the likely variations in quantity and quality, the biennial report on the representation of women and men in Tuscan medium and large-sized enterprises proves itself to be a valuable information tool about the female presence in the labour market and the working conditions of this significant subset of firms.

Author: Silvia Duranti - IRPET and Local Global Sas.