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Cover Effetti riforma ISEE su DSU Finale-1The research, commissioned to IRPET by the National Association of Institutes for the Right to University Education (ANDISU), has two main objectives. The first is to measure the dimensional and redistributive impacts of the ISEE (Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator) reform: how many students have lost the right to a scholarship as a consequence of the new calculation method? how many of those who could have not applied under the previous regime have now received one? how did the amount of the scholarship change? The study answers these questions referring to the whole audience of students, on the basis of the administrative data collected from the Agencies for the right to university education of each Italian region.

The second research objectives is to estimate the possible effects of alternative eligibility criteria, such as different entry thresholds and/or the introduction of specific economic indicators, on the distributive efficacy of the policies concerning the right to study.

Author: Edited by Maria Luisa Maitino, Letizia Ravagli and Nicola Sciclone (IRPET), with the collaboration of Federica Laudisa (Regional Observatory for University and the Right to University Education).