Cover La_tassazione_delle_città_22_09_16The present contribution provides a general overview of the current municipal finance situation in Italy, relating not only the purely quantitative aspects of the balance sheet items, but also the long history of regulatory developments behind. A comparison at international level reveals, especially in the real estate sector, the presence of two somewhat alternative systems: one, typical of the Latin countries, shows a stronger incidence of property taxation, whereas the other, applied in the Anglo-Saxon countries, is based on a comprehensive service tax. From this point of view, the study discloses the more numerous similarities of the present Italian system with the first rather than the second system, and demonstrates how the latest developments that led to the Indivisible service tax (TASI) seem to confirm such address. However, the experience of recent years – by the repeated reorganization of the system, or the debate sprung up over the 2016 Stability Law over a revision that introduces a new local tax – proves how the evolution of taxation has not found a stable balance.

Downloadable from the website of Foundation CESIFIN Alessandro Predieri

Author: By Mauro Massaro – preface by Alessandro Petretto

Publication details: Published by: IRPET and CESIFIN, 2016 ISBN: 978-88-98742-06-6