cover S&A Legge di Bilancio 2017

The manoeuvre in budget 2017 appears a well-structured range of interventions concerning firms, families, territories, local authorities, public administration and civil service. This analysis takes into account the most significant aspects of 2017 Budget law in terms of resources, and particularly from the viewpoint of policies. Among its main priorities are the policies for the reorganization of the tax system and the reduction of the fiscal burden on enterprises, and the policies for corporate and public investments. In addition, the law contains new provisions for pension plans, country’s actions and urban policies. After years of reduction in force, new and potentially interesting proposals have been made for the reorganization of employment in public employment.

Author: coordinated by Patrizia Lattarulo
contributions by Chiara Agnoletti, Silvia Duranti, Claudia Ferretti, Patrizia Lattarulo, Marco Mariani, Valentina Patacchini, Letizia Ravagli and Irene Tassi

Publication details: IRPET – March 2017
ISBN 978-88-6517-077-9