PIL TinC in evidenza_enbordoWithin the contrasting framework of international economy, Tuscany, as well as the rest of Italy, has experienced a reaffirmation of internal demand as a driving force for growth, even more important than the external trade relations. This is due, on the one hand to the resurgence of household consumption and also the rise of investments, and on the other hand to the natural upswing in imports derived from these developments. As a matter of fact, the resumption of external purchases (from abroad as well as from other Italian regions) has partly counterbalanced the effect of the constant growth of foreign exports by Tuscan enterprises.

The result of this heterogeneous mix of incentives has determined for the region an estimated growth of 1.1%, where the national data, according to ISTAT provisional data, can be approximated to 0.8%.

SOURCE: IRPET estimates