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The economy returned to positive growth in 2016, but at very subdued rates, not allowing to cover the economic and social costs brought about by the crisis. In fact, the greater dynamism shown by Tuscany in recent years, as compared to the rest of the country, has not been powerful enough to avoid the downsizing of production units, the worsening of the market labour situation, and the shrinking of family budgets, resulting in aggravated poverty.

The Report describes what has happened in 2016 and what might happen in the next two years in economic and social terms, then focuses on national and European economic policies to evaluate the possible effects on the country’s economic and social resilience.

Author: edited by Leonardo Ghezzi and Nicola Sciclone, with the collaboration of Valentina Patacchini (Chap. 1), Tommaso Ferraresi (Box 1.2 ), Maria Luisa Maitino and Letizia Ravagli (Chap. 3)

Publication details: IRPET, February 2017