In this issue:

Employment recovery slowed in 2016

  • Job recovery slowed down in the first half of 2016
  • Employment – Slightly positive overall trend (+0.5%),  growth of narrowly-defined industry (+2.3%) in the first nine months of 2016
  • Unemployment – Increase in the number of registered unemployed in the third quarter of 2016 (+3.7%), while the unemployment rate remains virtually unchanged (+0.3%)
  • Start-up jobs – Decline in hirings (-2.2%) due to decrease in the number of stable contracts
  • Social benefits – Hours of subsidized layoffs increase again pulled by extraordinary wages guarantee funds for the Leghorn area
  • Statistical appendix
  • In-depth article – “Education and Professional Training” (IeFP) courses for dropouts: are they effective tools to fight early school leaving?

Author: IRPET – Tuscany Region, Department of Labour