Giovanisì, the Tuscany regional project in support of young people’s autonomy has been devised to promote a better transition to adult life for youth under the age of 40. The opportunities the project offers have been structured in seven macro-areas: Apprenticeships, House, Civil service, Doing business, Education and training, Labour and Giovanisì+ (participation, culture, legality, social and sport activities).
After more than six years from the birth of the Giovanisì project, the research makes an assessment of its overall effects, and examines the single measures with the aim of highlighting what has been more effective, what has worked better and what can be improved. The areas of action chosen for in-depth investigation are: Non academic apprenticeships, House – Rent allowances, Coworking and Doing business (guarantee fund).
The analyses carried out allow to give an overall positive appraisal of the measures adopted so far, although with different emphasis and degrees and some improvable aspects.

Research reports:

Non academic apprenticeships

House – Rent allowances


Doing business

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Author: Nicola Sciclone – Coordination of research project. E. Cappellini, M.L. Maitino, V. Patacchini (Non academic apprenticeships), S. Iommi, M.L. Maitino, L. Ravagli (House – Rent allowances), N. Faraoni (Co-working), M. Mariani, L. Storchi (Doing business); with the collaboration of the Giovanisì Office – Tuscany Region

Publication details: “I libri di Giovanisì”, No. 6, Tuscany Region, 2017