In the period 2011-2016, the total amount for the procedures (tender notices and calls) related to public works already begun by the contracting entities decreased at both national and regional level. This tendency appears more marked at country level than in Tuscany, a region which had shown consistent signs of recovery, at least in 2014 and 2015. The most significant datum, but also a worrisome one, is the reduction recorded in 2016, reasonably due to the entry into force of the new Public Procurement Code (Legislative Decree No. 50/2016). In the past year, the value of calls to tender at national level has reduced about 5.5 milliard Euros, 50 per cent of which subtracted from municipalities. In Tuscany, such a decrease amounts to 300 million Euros, a third of which ascribable to municipal demand. The data for public work procedures already underway allow to offer a timely picture of the half-year trend. However, a first sign of recovery emerges from the series values for the procedures initiated in Tuscany: the first 2017 quarter records a significant increase in the value of tender procedures (641 against only 133 million Euros in 2016). Such a positive dynamics is to a large extent attributable to the procedure for building a new hospital (the New University Hospital Centre “Santa Chiara” at Cisanello, Pisa) which alone accounts for about 430 million Euros. Since they happen once in a while, very large works are indeed accountable for the heterogeneity of the values recorded in the last few years. Net of this component, in fact, the datum for the first 2017 quarter is rather reduced, and may well be interpreted as a first sign of recovery, but still insufficient to offset the fall of 2016.

Research results: Focus on public investments in Italy and Tuscany

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