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Improving the job market

• Increase of employees on a business-related basis (+ 0.7% on
IV quarter 2016) and trend (+ 1.6%)
• Tendency growth is entirely attributable to the increase in fixed-term positions
• Employment growth is particularly evident in agriculture and industry (+2.3) and was less pronounced in services (+ 0.9%)
• Within manufacturing, made in Italy grew by 3.4% with the fashion industry reaching + 4.8%
• Goodwill growth (+ 7.7%)
• In the first three months of 2017, both the number of unemployed (-9.5%) and the unemployment rate declined from 10.2% to 9.1%
• The number of people employed in the region is growing and a substantial reduction in inactivity is achieved


In depth analysis: Occasional accessory work: The voucher experience.
Vouchers are a tool created to pay for incidental and occasional work performance. The simplicity of activating these benefits by the employer would have allowed lawmakers to fight illegal labour and to afford occasional workers (support workers at particular times of the year, low-cost domestic workers). work, etc.), insurance cover and pension contributions. In fact, the employer could buy the vouchers online, or at post offices, newsstands, banks or tobaccos and deliver them to the worker who, with a facial value of 10 euros, collected 7.5. The remaining 2.5 were part of Inps contributions and management fees and Inail coverage. In recent years, the clamor caused by the increase in the volume of vouchers sold has led the legislator to introduce more stringent constraints.


Date: 28 July 2017

Author: IRPET - Regione Toscana Settore Lavoro

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