The III quarter of 2017 confirms the improvement of the Tuscan labor market already observed between January and June and the recovery respect to the most acute phase of the crisis, even if the results observed are completely determined by fixed-term contracts.
The data, coming from different sources, shows that in the first nine months of 2017 the overall level of employment in Tuscany has increased compared to the corresponding period of 2016; there is also a reduction in unemployment, driven by the female component which also records the best results in the number of employees, while the contraction of the inactive female population continues, albeit weakly.

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In Depth Analysis: The impact of training internships

► Between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2016, 74,000 traineeships were activated in Tuscany for young people under 30;
► More than 21 thousand companies have accepted at least one intern in the period 2009-2016 and sectoral distribution indicates that the use of internhips is more intense in the advanced tertiary sector, wholesale and manufacturing.
► Young people who carry out an internship as their first work experience are more likely to find a job than their peers looking for it through other channels: the advantage is 3%  to 9 months from the start of the internship and rises to 11 points after 18 months.
► Compared to other ways of working at term, trainees find a new job faster and work more in the 18 months following the termination of the relationship: on average 56% of the time available work against 35% of young people terminated by a contract in time

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