After the slowdown suffered in 2016, the Tuscan export returned to run in 2017, marking a +4.2% compared to the previous year. Once purified by the dynamics of gold sales and oil refining products, regional performance improved to + 5.0%.

This reinforcement is part of a framework to improve national performance on foreign markets (+ 5.8%), especially for Lombardy (+ 7.5%), Emilia-Romagna (6.7%) and Piedmont (+ 7.7%). As in 2016, therefore, the Tuscan result was less brilliant than the national average. Moreover, compared to the buoyant dynamics during the first part of the year, regional and national exports slowed during the second half, thanks to the substantial appreciation of the euro in the currency markets.


Autore: Tommaso Ferraresi e Leonardo Ghezzi con il contributo statistico di Massimo Donati

Dicitura Bibliografica: Irpet, 2018