The second quarter of 2018 still shows positive balances in employment: between April and June there are 1.102.483 employees, almost 16 thousand more than a year before and +47 thousand compared to the same period of 2016. From the whole of the data, coming from different sources, in addition to the emergence of some very positive results (the performances of some sectors and the contraction of unemployment), however, signs of a slowdown in the growth observed have been observed: in fact, the rates of change in the number of employees are reduced. , as well as the fl ow of starts.

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 Law 87 of 2018, the so-called “Decree Dignity”, contains some measures aimed at limiting the use of fixed-term contracts (fixed time and administration). The goal is to discourage timely employment relationships and to start the transition to stable contracts. The reform has opened a heated debate, in public opinion and among the insiders, on the consequences that the approved measures would have on employment volumes and the composition of labor. Summarizing, the positions in the field are divided into three large parties. [Spacer height = “8px”]

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