Friday, December 15th the Seminar, “The golden age”. A meeting  with the intent to better understand, analyze and evaluate the important Arezzo goldsmith production sector. We need to understand the crisis, the consequent processes of change and industrial, commercial and social transformation weigh in this sector. We want to identify priorities and needs necessary to ensure development and protection towards a productive and economic experience of our territory still very vital today but in our opinion not sufficiently considered. The initiative involves Ires Toscana, the relevant Category Associations, the Tuscany Region, the Chamber of Commerce, the Professional School Institutes present in the territory, the Association of Accountants. The conclusions will be edited by Maurizio Landini of the CGIL National Secretariat. Nicola Sciclone, manager, will take part for IRPET.


Sala della Borsa Merci, Arezzo