On Wednesday February 7 at 10.00 am at the Bank of Italy, in Via Cervantes 71 in Naples, a technical study seminar will be held. The aim will be to present the recent “Report on Territorial Public Finance” carried out by six regional socio-economic research institutes: SRM, IRES Piemonte, IRPET Toscana, Éupolis Lombardia, Ipres Puglia and Liguria Ricerche. 

The focus will be on the progress of tenders and, in general, public investments for different levels of government, also considering the most recent information bases. For IRPET will partecipate the manager Patrizia Lattarulo.

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Divisione Analisi e Ricerca Economica Territoriale Banca d'Italia, Sede di Napoli Via Miguel Cervantes, 71