IRPET and the Tuscany Region organize the workshop “New information and big data tools in support of territorial and urban policies”.

Today, cities and urban systems are economic stakeholders of particular relevance as drivers of regional development; as such, they are included in both European and national intervention policies. In view of this tendency, the analysis of urban and metropolitan areas represents a stimulating experimental environment and a fertile ground for mutual improvement of the socio-economic research and the planning practice.

Particularly in recent years, both in the institutional sphere and in academic research, there has been increasing interest in the use of the so-called “big data” as a source of information that substitutes and complements more traditional data source. As a matter of fact, this definition includes a variety of heterogeneous instruments and techniques, whose common point lies in a strong innovative boost. Like many other centres for research in economics and statistics, IRPET has started a series of in-depth analyses on the opportunities offered by the use of these tools in the field of socio-economic research.

This workshop is meant to compare diverse experiences and experiments carried out by institutions and research centres on the issue of big data, particularly in what concerns the analysis of urban and metropolitan systems. Its aim is to highlight their possible future developments, and their potential for synergies with the more traditional research tools and for answering the need of knowledge on territory expressed by institutions. A special attention will be devoted to the opportunities of building up knowledge and to integrate with other databases in view of specific analyses of the metropolitan city and the larger area of the “Florentine Plain”, since the planning strategies and choices for these areas are destined to impact on the region’s economic and social development scenarios.

Upon invitation only

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Sala Rita Dioguardi – ARS Toscana Villa La Quiete alle Montalve, Via Pietro Dazzi 1, Florence

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