programma_iseeStarting from January 1, 2015 a new Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator (ISEE) has come into force. According to the reform procedure, public utilities must adapt to the new regulation and revise the access thresholds and the ways of sharing the cost of welfare. The distributive and revenue effects of the reform are potentially significant. Nicola Sciclone and Letizia Ravagli (IRPET) will illustrate the novelties of the reform, its effects on Tuscan families and the results of some simulations concerning health and education services, and the right to university studies.

Interventions by Vinicio Biagi – Tuscany Region, Sara Biagiotti – ANCI Toscana, Claudio Goatelli – Clesius, Alessandro Petretto – University of Florence and Raffaele Tangorra – Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.

Sala Poccetti in Santa Apollonia

Via San Gallo 25/a, Firenze.