P_becattinitondoThe “Giacomo Becattini” Library


IRPET dedicates to the memory of Giacomo Becattini and his work its library, a collection gathering the most important publications on the economy of Tuscany.

Professor Giacomo Becattini founded IRPET in 1968 and directed it until 1973: during that time, he investigated the pattern of economic growth in Tuscany and gave birth to a branch of economics focused on local development that will be highly esteemed by national and international scholars.

To help investigations and satisfy the need of knowledge in this particular area, over the years IRPET Library has gathered a large number of published works, either general or local-specific, related to the issues of the socio-economic development of the region. The collection includes a wide range of materials from varied authors, and publications of different types: precisely for this reason, it represents a precious source of information on how Tuscany has been described and analyzed over the years.