Tax decentralization has suffered the general guidelines of Italian public finance arising from the crisis: on the one hand, the urgent need to contain spending has led to substantial resource cuts and a rethinking of the structural organizations of the entities (size, hierarchical levels, company participations); On the other hand, the objective of supporting the recovery of the economy was pursued at the expense of local taxation autonomy, by re-launching the role of sources of funding derived or, in any case, less visible than taxation in relations with voters.

On these issues, the Bank of Italy’s Public Finance Division organizes a study day on Monday, December 4. The seminar is open to the participation of academics and qualified experts and aims to urge a shared reflection on the efficiency and equity profile of decentralization, also considering a renewed interest from public opinion. For IRPET Claudia Ferretti, local finance and public finance researcher, will partecipate.  The initiative will take place at the Sala Emeroteca in Via Nazionale 91, Rome, according to the following program (which may be subject to minor changes). Please confirm your participation to 

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Banca d’Italia, Via Nazionale 91 – Roma Sala Emeroteca