Volume_al postuo tuo_2“In the past, the increase of productivity driven by technology used to develop into more social wealth: if you happened to lose a manufacturing job, you could still find another in the service sector. Nowadays, machineries are indeed running too fast, destroying more jobs than they can create. As a result, Web and robots only come second to globalization and finance in killing the middle class. Basically, as compared to machines that become cheaper and cheaper, human beings look as if they were more and more expensive. This book offers a journey into a future that has already happened, for which we are paying a fierce price, but whose outcome is still preventable, provided that we become aware of it and take some serious retaliatory measures.”

Sala Cutuli, Palazzo Strozzi Sacrati Presidenza della Giunta Regionale della Toscana Piazza Duomo 10, Firenze