IRPET  and the Tuscany Region, with the patronage of the Metropolitan City of Florence, the National Association of Italian Municipalities of Tuscany (ANCI Toscana), the Italian Association of Regional Science (AISRe), the Italian Society of Transport Policy (Si.Po.Tra), and the Institute for innovation and transparency of contracts and for environmental compatibility (ITACA) organize the conference Public investments and expenditure reform.
IRPET Director Stefano Casini Benvenuti, Patrizia Lattarulo, head of the research unit “Public economics and territorial policies” and IRPET researcher Giuseppe Gori will participate.

Our country’s economy is in urgent need of investment recovery. The success of the measures taken in this direction (from the bypassing of the Stability Pact to the actions scheduled by the last Budget Law) will also depend on the full application of the structural reforms undertaken so far. The first part of the conference aims at looking into the relationships between the reforms of public expenditure and economic growth, by focussing on the potentials of a quick, effective initiation of change. In the second part, the discussion will touch on the reform of public contracts, particularly as regards the reorganization of contracting entities, which constitutes one of the most pressing issues for investment recovery. The high fragmentation characterizing the present organization is progressively giving place to a new centrality of the “aggregator” players, i.e. central purchasing bodies and qualified contracting authorities. The subsequent possible effects  are not fully explored at present, but they will certainly involve a rationalization of expenditure, more efficiency and transparency in the awarding procedures, and a full participation of the business community. However, let alone the potential effects, the difficulties of implementation and the length of the transition are compromising the strategic significance of the reform.

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Sala Pistelli, Palazzo Medici Riccardi. Via Cavour 3, Florence

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