Presentation of the volume “Storia illustrata dell’economia in Toscana” (An illustrated economic history of Tuscany). 

The editor, IRPET  Director Stefano Casini Benvenuti, will present the book together with Stefano Piperno, IRES Piemonte.
In collaboration with  Pacini Publishing House

The Tuscany Region at the Turin Book Fair

The Tuscan landscape, that is so much loved and admired by inhabitants and visitors, is not the mere result of nature or chance, but of human design. In fact, from the nineteenth century onwards, a variety of economic, agricultural, mining and manufacturing activities has determined the most conspicuous transformations of cities and countryside in Tuscany. This volume traces the economic history of Tuscany between the 19th and the 20th century, presenting itself as an useful guide to explain the model of development followed by entrepreneurs and local authorities all through the industrialization period, and the way it changed the conformation of territory and society. The authors – professors in economics, economic history or history of economic thought – have succeeded in illustrating the expansion of both large and small industries, the specialization of crops, the rationalization of flows of goods and people, and so in drawing up a comprehensive picture of the disruptive, innovative force of Tuscan entrepreneurship, and of the way it has shaped urban and agricultural landscapes over the centuries.

Storia illustrata economia in_Toscana_invito definitivo

Tuscany Region Stand B/72 D/71, Pavilion 1

Turin Book Fair 2017 – Tuscany Region’s Programme