The AISRe Scientific Conference, now at its 37th year, will take place in Ancona with the title Which borders? Territories between identity and international integration.
As usual, IRPET will be present with several researchers and heads of unit, some of whom not only as speakers but also as session chairmen.

-Chiara Agnoletti will chair the session “Territorial institutions and local finance” and present the report Which tools for a greater financial autonomy of metropolitan cities?;

-David Burgalassi will present
in the session “Urban environment and life quality: definitions, measures, policies” the report titled Measuring local well-being in Italy: the case of Tuscan Municipalities, coauthored with Tommaso Ferraresi and Agnese Peruzzi;

-Silvia Duranti will chair the session “Active policies and vocational training: which regional governance?”, and present the reports:
Evaluation of training providers for a new governance of the training system, coauthored with Elena Cappellini, Maria Luisa Maitino, Valentina Patacchini, Nicola Sciclone (IRPET) and Carla Rampichini (University of Florence);

-Natalia Faraoni will take part in the session “Active policies and vocational training: which regional governance?” with the report Anticipating needs: an analysis of strategic professionals in the most dynamic Tuscan enterprises, coauthored with Donatella Marinari;

-Claudia Ferretti and Patrizia Lattarulo will take part in the session “Cyclical analysis of territorial finance: first reflections” with the reports The abandonment of the Stability Pact: new tasks and constraints for regions and Municipalities and Territorial disparities in IMU policies, coauthored with Andrea Taddei and Fiscal policies on real estate assets: territorial differences and determinants coauthored with Chiara Bocci;

-Giuseppe Gori and Patrizia Lattarulo will chair the session “Public investments and reform of expenditure” and present the report Understanding the procurement performance of local governments: a duration analysis of public works, coauthored with Marco Mariani;

-Sabrina Iommi will chair
the session “Municipal fragmentation and administrative charges on firms” and present the report Transaction costs imposed on firms by the over-fragmentation of municipalities, coauthored with Donatella Marinari;
the session “Rationalizing local public services: critical issues and models in support of local decision making” and present the report A multiple-criteria analysis for the reorganization of the school network: an application for Tuscany;

-Marco Mariani will take part
in the session “Specialization and regional innovation” with the report Toward the impact evaluation of innovation poles on member firms, coauthored with Simone Bertini, Chiara Bocci (IRPET) and Annalisa Caloffi (University of Padua); and
in the session “The evaluation of business support instruments: the Italian experience” with the report Evaluating public supports to the investment activities of business firms: a meta-regression analysis of Italian studies, coauthored with Alessandro Sterlacchini and Annalisa Caloffi;

-Leonardo Piccini
will chair the session “Infrastructures, accessibility, logistics, and regional/interregional transports” and present the report An agent based, big data driven model to understand choice; and
take part in the session “Strategical planning of metropolitan cities” with the report Boundaries and territorial interdependencies in the metropolitan dimension, coauthored with Chiara Agnoletti and Claudia Ferretti;

-Stefano Rosignoli will take part
in the session “International economy, cooperation and regional development” the report We all live in a (yellow) granular world (wide web): The impact of MNEs on a regional economy, coauthored with David Burgalassi, Tommaso Ferraresi, Simone Bertini and Agnese Peruzzi;
in the session “Regional labour markets, demography, immigration” with the report Economic evaluation of the integration of the Prato Chinese community: an analysis based on a bi-ethnic SAM at provincial level.

More information at the Conference website