Date Events and presentations

6 June 2016 Reports: The economic situation of Tuscany and The labour market in Tuscany

6 June 2016 Tuscany in between institutional reform and management of public services

30 May 2016 A NEW PLANNING ABILITY. Technical-economic feasibility and assessment of mobility interventions

24 May 2016 THE METROPOLITAN CITY. Which tasks and which resources?

23 May 2016 Working meeting - From individual health to social wellbeing, a return journey

20 May 2016 Work meeting about the Tourism in Tuscany

9 May 2016 Export as a driver of growth. Policies and tools for Tuscan enterprises

6 May 2016 Dream of a future at the centre of the earth

5 May 2016  Internal seminar on “Expenditure restraint policies in the health sector: The case of the Regional Technical Administrative Support Authorities (ESTAV) in Tuscany”

30 April 2016 Mugello and municipalities merging: constraints and opportunities

22 April 2016 Fiesole - Landscape, territory and architecture 1945-2015

21 April 2016 Preparing for work-related learning at school and university. Career development and work-based learning in educational and advanced-learning paths

15 April 2016 European measures for a sustainable growth.Towards a circular economy

14 April 2016 National co-ordination meeting for industrial policies

12 April 2016 The new administrative management: opportunities for merged municipalities

9 April 2016 The debate. Enhancement or speculation?

8 April 2016 Municipalities merging - The future smart cities

7 April 2016 GioveDiSES Seminars

7 April 2016 Conference “Employers’ Day: focus on work. A comparison at European level”

4 April 2016 The Italian way to the Dual System and apprenticeship training

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