Over the years IRPET has gained an established and recognized experience in the design and application of regional and multiregional input-output tables and models perfectly aligned with the ISTAT-Eurostat territorial economic accounts. Recently, the Institute has revised the estimates of the regional matrices according to the new NACE classification Rev. 2 and the new system of accounts SEC2010. The estimation methodology of the most recent regional I-O matrices and supply and use tables (SUTs) is described in details in:

Cherubini L., Ghezzi L., Paniccià R. and Rosignoli S., “L’interscambio commerciale tra il Mezzogiorno e il Centro Nord: struttura e meccanismi di propagazione degli shock”, Rivista di Economia e Statistica del Territorio, Franco Angeli, n. 1, January-April 2012.

One-region input-output (I-O) tables, SUTs and one-region SAMs consistent with NACE Rev. 2 and with the system of accounts SEC2010, evaluated at current basic prices, are presently available for the years 2011, 2012 and 2013. They are directly linked to the territorial economic accounts released by ISTAT in December 2016.

How to calculate the purchase price

I-O matrix,
28 branches
28 demo sectors
I-O matrix,
37 branches
37 demo sectors
Supply and Use Table
37 branches and 54 products
demo Supply and Use
SAM, 37 branches, 54 products
and 17 institutional sectors
demo SAM



How to purchase the tables

One-region input-output tables can be purchased by filling out the downloadable form and sending the duly signed order via fax a: 055-4591240or via mail in pdf format to
Maximum number of purchasable regional tables: 5
Maximum number of purchasable macroregional tables: 1


IRPET also supplies:

  1. Multiregional matrices comprising one-region tables plus the corresponding inter-regional exchange matrices.
  2. On-demand reports and impact analyses performed with IRPET’s own I-O tools, without the user having to buy the relevant one-region/multiregional matrices.

For information about modalities and costs of these two products, please contact: (Tel.: +39 055 4591208)

N.B.: The  input-out matrix or supply and use table concerning Veneto should be asket to Unioncamere Veneto:

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