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Bulding the Tuscany of the future – Merging means strength.

28 November 2015 - Sabrina Iommi (IRPET) will intervene with the report “Economic advantages [...]


28 November 2015

Study seminar on the issue “Evaluating public funding of enterprises”

25 November 2015 - Marco Mariani (IRPET) will intervene with the paper"Evaluating public supports [...]

1340_cover PPT Mariani_Padova 25.11.2015

DIREeFARE – The government of territory

6 November 2015 - Chiara Agnoletti (IRPET) will intervene in the concluding debate. For [...]


Local systems in 2011: innovations, quality and prospects

6 November 2015 - IRPET Director Stefano Casini Benvenuti will intervene at the second [...]


Opportunities and prospects for costal Tuscany

26 October 2015 - Stefano Casini Benvenuti, IRPET Director, will intervene with the report [...]


The Tourism Satellite Account of Tuscany. A feasibility study

23 October 2015 - The study will be presented by Enrico Conti (IRPET)


IRPET-SdF web application

22 October 2015 - Presentation of the IRPET-SdF web application, an instrument for the [...]


Workshop on The new features of the Stability Law and the local tax system.

17 October 2015 - Patrizia Lattarulo, research manager in the IRPET area “Public economy [...]

1318_Patto di Stabilita

10th International Regional Innovation Policies Conference

15 October 2015 - Marco Mariani (IRPET) will intervene in the session "Renaissance of [...]

1323_Pagine da RIP2015-Programma_mariani

Jobs Act and activation policies: operational tools and opportunities

13 October 2015 - Nicola Sciclone, research manager in the IRPET Area “Labour, education [...]


Moving to a new model of institutional governance for a new territorial planning

1 October 2015 - Chiara Agnoletti (IRPET) will present the report "Under construction: the [...]

1316_Pagine da Invito_agnoletti 1ottobre

The tools for drawing up and evaluating an Urban Sustainable Mobility Plan

29 September 2015 - Leonardo Piccini (IRPET) will take part at the round table [...]

XXVII Conferenza SIEP 2015- Public Policies in Financial Crisis

24 September 2015 - The following IRPET researchers will intervene: Sabrina Iommi , in [...]


TUSCANY AS A POLICY LAB. Innovation in public investments: the place-based method in regional policy.

18 September 2015 - The scarcity of resources and the long recession can be [...]


XXX National Conference of Labour Economics

17 September 2015 - Silvia Duranti will intervene in the session on "Job Quality, [...]

1315_Pagine da prog_aiel_duranti

XXXVI AISRe Annual Scientific Conference

14 September 2015 - IRPET will participate with contributions by Chiara Agnoletti, Simone Bertini, [...]


IV Forum – Right to Higher Education. The sustainability of the right to education in Italy

7 September 2015 - Silvia Duranti will intervene at the round table discussion on [...]


7th European Workshop on Applied Cultural Economics

4 September 2015 - Marco Mariani will participate on behalf of IRPET with the [...]

1313_vienna 5_9mariani

8th Geoffrey J.D. Hewings Regional Economics Workshop on Services and Regional Growth

3 September 2015 - Marco Mariani will participate on behalf of IRPET with the [...]


Fifth World Congress of the International Microsimulation Association (IMA)

2 September 2015 - Letizia Ravagli will participate on behalf of IRPET at the Fifth [...]


ERSA 55th Congress – World Renaissance: Changing roles for people and places

25 August 2015 - The following IRPET researchers will participate: - Chiara Bocci with [...]

1309_ERSA Bocci Gori Lattarulo_25-28 agosto

The New ISEE: how will it impact on families and local bodies?

14 July 2015 - Starting from January 1, 2015 a new Equivalent Economic Situation [...]

1295_isee_4_con assessore_web

Innovare per crescere: politiche pubbliche per lo sviluppo e l’innovazione

14 July 2015 - Marco Mariani (IRPET) will participate to the round table discussion [...]


Conference Everybody back to school. Institutions counteract early school-leaving.

10 July 2015 - Nicola Sciclone, IRPET research manager in the Area “Labour, education [...]

Turism & Tuscany. An assessment of 2014 and the trends for 2015

8 July 2015 - Enrico Conti will illustrate the results obtained in the 2014 [...]

New tools and financing opportunities for green building enterprises

7 July 2015 - Sabrina Iommi (IRPET) will intervene with the report "Presentation of [...]

Rapporti: La situazione economica della Toscana e Il Mercato del lavoro in Toscana

3 July 2015 - IRPET and Unioncamere Toscana present the reports: The economic situation [...]

ANTICIPARE I FABBISOGNI. Presentazione dell’indagine IRPET sui fabbisogni professionali

8 May 2015 - Negli ultimi decenni il mercato del lavoro ha subito profonde [...]

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