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The work aims to analyze the potential repercussions that the [...]


25 January 2018

Vocational training in a nutshell

During the 2007-2013 programming cycle, an average of 6,900 unemployed per year has participated in vocational training.

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11 July 2017

How important is the school effect? Schools’ effectiveness in Tuscany

The paper aims to provide policy makers a methodological tool […]

13 June 2016

What welfare system are we looking for?

This article aims to provide food for though concerning the […]


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19 January 2016

The future has early roots: learning outcomes and school effectiveness in Tuscany’s primary education system

This work provides a methodology for the analysis of schools’ […]


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11 December 2015

Professional training in Tuscany

Delivery of the Professional training in Tuscany for the ESF […]

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18 November 2015

SKill training in Tuscany. Technical-vocational school and economic system

As is well known, the weakness of the relationship between […]

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1 September 2014

Report on early school leaving in Tuscany

In recent years, public opinion and institutions have grown more […]

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Diritto allo studio universitario: una quantificazione del livello essenziale delle prestazioni

Il decreto legislativo 68/2012 ha recentemente rivisto la normativa in […]

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18 January 2013

The right sizing of teaching staff. A proposal for quantification. Note n. 2 Osservatorio Federalismo Fiscale

The right sizing of teaching staff. A proposal for quantification. […]

23 March 2012

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