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A note on the reorganization of provincial tasks. A long-term analysis of balance sheets

The present note is aimed at investigating the long-term trend […]

1 July 2014

Tender negotiation procedures under investigation

The application of streamlined procedures for the awarding of tenders, […]


13 June 2014

Report on tourism in Tuscany. The 2013 trend

The year 2013 appears to have undergone substantial stagnation as […]

506_Coperta Turismo_2013web

The economic situation of Tuscany. A final assessment for the year 2013. Forecasts for the years 2014-2015

Two thousand-thirteen has still been a year of recession for […]

505_Copertina Rapporto 2014

10 June 2014

The sustainability of an universal model of coverage against the risk of non self-sufficiency

The contributions in the present work analyze the care system […]

504_Copertina S&A non autosufficienza

28 May 2014

Tuscany’s foreign trade. 2013

Foreign trade exports have constituted the true propeller of our […]

503_Copertina Export

9 May 2014

The sustainability of an universal model of coverage against the risk of non self-sufficiency

The general aim of this article is to go into […]

7 May 2014

Donne e pari opportunità nel mondo del lavoro.
La realtà delle aziende medio grandi. Biennio 2010-2012

The report presents the results of the traditional biennial survey […]

499_Copertina Report_Donne

16 April 2014

A Strategic Environmental Assessment of Tuscany Region’s plans and programmes

As is well know, the European Commission’s Directive No. 2001/42/EC, […]


31 March 2014

The Tuscan rural system. Trends and structures in the run-up to new planning regulations. 2013 Report

The 2013 Report on the Tuscan rural system was meant […]

496_Cover Rapporto Rurale 2013

28 March 2014

La valutazione del progetto INNOVARE in Toscana

Consegna della Ricerca “La valutazione del progetto INNOVARE in Toscana“ […]

27 March 2014

The new Land Registry’s effect on house taxes

The reorganization of Land Registry, envisaged in the tax enabling […]


14 March 2014

Metropolitan cities, and how to locate them

The draft bill presented by Delrio puts forward a definition […]


25 February 2014

How labour changes after Fornero’s law

Which are the effects of Fornero’s law? Apparently, it reduced […]


21 February 2014

The imperative of boosting investments

This book collects the contributions of a group of experts […]


12 February 2014

Report on Tuscany’s Labour Market for the year 2013

In 2013, even if holding up well compared to the […]

489_Copertina MdL 2014 completo

3 February 2014

The economic role of Chinese communities in Prato

Prato is the Italian province with the highest percentage of […]

487_Cover pratoCina_web

22 January 2014

How much is parochial fragmentation costing us?

In Italy there are over 8000 municipalities, whose number of […]


The smaller the Municipality, the higher the political costs

Many people argue that the costs of politics at central […]


21 January 2014

From IMU to TASI: an estimate for Tuscany

The Municipal Tax on indivisible services (Tassa comunale sui servizi […]

479_Per sito Irpet

19 December 2013

Quanto ci costa la Tasi

La Legge di stabilità abolisce l’Imu e introduce la Tasi, […]

478_la voceface

Istruzione, formazione professionale, transizione scuola-lavoro. Il caso italiano in prospettiva comparata

Obiettivo di questo studio, che segue e approfondisce un lavoro […]

477_Copertina Ballarino

17 December 2013

Territorial finance. 2013 Report

To do more with less and, what’s more, without knowing […]

526_copertina finanza italia 2013

12 December 2013

The Observatory on Fiscal Federalism in Tuscany. Notes and contributions

Following the approval of Delegation Law No. 42/2009, implementing article […]

462_cover x sito

17 September 2013

Public works: the impact of crisis on resource shortage and market efficiency

Given the traditional infrastructural deficit, the current reduction of public […]

442_cover Opere pubbliche_S&A

8 July 2013

Le ricadute economiche del consolidamento dell’offerta aeroportuale della Toscana

L’obiettivo della nota è stimare l’impatto economico e occupazionale indotto […]

441_Cover S&A_Aereoporto

Il modello di microsimulazione dell’Irpet MicroReg: aggiornamenti ed estensioni

Il lavoro illustra gli aggiornamenti e le estensioni al modello […]


3 July 2013

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