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IRPET mourns the passing of Giacomo Becattini, founder and first director of the Institute.

IRPET mourns the passing of Giacomo Becattini, founder and first […]

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25 January 2017

Understanding the procurement performance of local governments: A duration analysis of public works

Article published in Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space

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4 January 2017


In this issue:   “The impact of  Budget Law on […]

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21 December 2016

Territorial finance. 2016 Report

The 2016 Report addresses issues that reflect the intricate economic […]

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Taxation of cities

The present contribution provides a general overview of the current […]

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15 December 2016

The impact of the ISEE reform on the right to university education

The research, commissioned to IRPET by the National Association of […]

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30 November 2016

Building and operating an urban parking: parking demand assessment within the “SDF.IRPET” Web Application

The paper deals with some methodological and empirical issues related […]

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29 November 2016

Contributions on the local taxation reform in Italy

In recent years, the local tax system has been the […]

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28 November 2016

Tuscan exports. Final balance 2015 and First 2016 semester

The exports from Tuscany have continued to grow at a […]

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18 November 2016

Economic and working conditions of women. Report 2014

Gender represents the social construct of biological sex. On the […]

15 November 2016

Tuscan exports. First 2016 semester

The export trend has slowed down in Tuscany during the […]


Tuscan exports. Final balance 2015

After some difficult years, in 2015 Tuscany has reported a […]


Report on early school leaving in Tuscany

As is well known, the weakness of the relationship between […]


14 November 2016

Toscana Notizie – Flash Lavoro n. 29/2016

In this issue:   Employment dynamics in the first half […]

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20 October 2016

Measures for the revitalization of the Tuscany coast. A policy of territorial development

The Tuscan coastline, a territorial partition characterized by a development […]

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Despite the slowdown of the global economy, foreign exports from […]

9 October 2016

The impact of the Municipal Fragmentation on Public Spending

Representing the needs of local communities and providing them with […]

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1 August 2016

Federalismo in Toscana n. 2/2016

– “The abandonment of the Stability Pact: how many resources […]

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The role of medium-sized cities for regional development

The promotion of territorial competitiveness has been a focus of […]

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11 July 2016

City size, urban functions and growth. Some empirical evidence for Italy 2001-2011

Small and medium-sized cities host a large share of the […]

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Report on tourism in Tuscany. The 2015 trend

The report analyses the tourism trend in Tuscany for 2015 […]

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6 July 2016

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