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Toscana Notizie – Flash Lavoro n. 29/2016

In this issue:   Employment dynamics in the first half […]

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20 October 2016

Measures for the revitalization of the Tuscany coast. A policy of territorial development

The Tuscan coastline, a territorial partition characterized by a development […]

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Despite the slowdown of the global economy, foreign exports from […]

9 October 2016

The impact of the Municipal Fragmentation on Public Spending

Representing the needs of local communities and providing them with […]

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1 August 2016

Federalismo in Toscana n. 2/2016

– “The abandonment of the Stability Pact: how many resources […]

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The role of medium-sized cities for regional development

The promotion of territorial competitiveness has been a focus of […]

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11 July 2016

City size, urban functions and growth. Some empirical evidence for Italy 2001-2011

Small and medium-sized cities host a large share of the […]

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Report on tourism in Tuscany. The 2015 trend

The report analyses the tourism trend in Tuscany for 2015 […]

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6 July 2016

Report on the labour market for the year 2015

In 2015, the labour market situation has certainly improved, both […]


29 June 2016

Parochial pride is not convenient for citizens

Who takes a position against the revision of municipal boundaries, […]

14 June 2016

More resources for municipalities, but with no federalism

The era of the Internal Stability Pact is probably over, […]

How important is the school effect? Schools’ effectiveness in Tuscany

The paper aims to provide policy makers a methodological tool […]

13 June 2016

The resources for the Metropolitan City. From the European framework to suitable proposals for the Italian context

The establishment of Metropolitan cities has undoubtedly represented a considerable […]

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25 May 2016


In this issue: More jobs in 2015, but recovery must […]

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6 May 2016

The 500-euro school bonus: aid or propaganda?

The research was carried out by three high-school female students […]

5 May 2016

The abolition of Provinces and the reallocation of expenditure: the case of Lombardy

The abolition of Provinces and the reallocation of expenditure: the […]

4 May 2016

Tourism. The need for a strategic plan sustaining growth

The tourist presences have increased by 45% in the last […]


21 April 2016

The case of public procurements: how relationships with enterprises are modified by the Delrio Decree

Stimulating public investments has recently become a topical issue in […]

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14 March 2016

Federalismo in Toscana n. 1/2016

In this issue: – “The quality and thoroughness of feasibility […]

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3 March 2016

Expenditure of Municipalities: how much a balanced budget is worth

Articles published in The end of the Stability Pact […]

607_Spese dei comuni- quanto vale il pareggio di bilancio - M. Ferraresi, P. Lattarulo e L. Rizzo-001

26 February 2016

Wage variability for Director Generals in the Italian Health Service

This article describes a multi-level analysis, which was carried out […]

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23 February 2016

A good building policy starts from a common ground

The tax deductions for building renovation that have been granted […]

604_La buona edilizia inizia in comune - Sabrina Iommi-001

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9 February 2016

Toscana Notizie – Flash LAVORO n. 27/2015

In this issue: Permanent hiring increase, sharp fall of the […]

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28 January 2016

More spending freedom for municipalities

The Stability Law provides for a loosening of budget constraints […]

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22 January 2016

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