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What if reform of local self-government goes through resource cutbacks?

The 2015 Stability Law imposes to local bodies large cutbacks, […]

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12 March 2015

Low external competitiveness: is this the real problem of Tuscany?
New Year’s Conference, 3 March 2015

Despite a growth rate close to zero, in 2014 Tuscany […]

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3 March 2015

Numero Toscana n. 48

The export is running, but signs of a turning point […]

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2 March 2015

Economic and working conditions of women. Report 2014

Delivery of the Economic and working conditions of women. Report […]

23 February 2015

Federalismo in Toscana n. 1/2015

In this issue: – Local Authorities: “The impact of 2015 […]

546_cover Federalismo in Toscana 1_15


18 February 2015

Hearing before the Third Council Committee of the Tuscany Region. Presentation of an investigation survey

Nicola Sciclone Dirigente d’Area Lavoro, istruzione e welfare e Emanuele […]

12 February 2015

The 2015 Stability Law: impacts on Tuscany

By and large, the 2015 Stability Law has been welcomed […]

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11 February 2015

Hearing before the Court of Auditors in Florence. Impact of Stability Law

Stefano Casini Benvenuti, Direttore dell’IRPET e Patrizia Lattarulo Dirigente d’Area […]

The 2015 Stability Law: impacts on Tuscany

Delivery of “The 2015 Stability Law: impacts on Tuscany”

5 February 2015

Toscana Notizie – Flash LAVORO n. 23/2014

In this issue: The increase in the number of employees […]

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4 February 2015

The system of public employment services in Tuscany

Public Employment Services (PES) act as operating arms of active […]

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30 December 2014

Territorial finance. 2014 Report

The 2014 Report on territorial finance, now on its tenth […]

541_finanza 2014Copertina

9 December 2014

IRAP as a tool of regional industrial policies: a comparative normative analysis

This work is intended to verify whether and how Ordinary […]

548_Copertina IRAP

2 December 2014

Is it really impossible to change transport mode behaviours? An experiment for sustainable urban mobility

The cycling road world championship hosted in Florence in September […]

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26 November 2014

The reform of ISEE and its impact on the health and social care for non self-sufficient patients in Tuscany

The access to and cost sharing of many social services […]

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6 November 2014

The effect of Regional Law 35/2011 on strategic public works

The Tuscan Regional Law No. 35/2011 sets the criteria for […]

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28 October 2014

The Avoidable Costs of Local Governments’ Fragmentation in Italy

According to New Institutional Economics, institutions affect economic performance in […]

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13 October 2014

High-growth firms: the role of management and capabilities

The present study analyzes the managerial practices of high-growth firms, […]

521_Copertina alta crescita

29 September 2014

SKill training in Tuscany. Technical-vocational school and economic system

As is well known, the weakness of the relationship between […]

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1 September 2014

Report on early school leaving in Tuscany

In recent years, public opinion and institutions have grown more […]

519_Cover rapporto dispersione scolastica

Financial tools for cultural assets

This work consists in a review of the financial sources […]


1 August 2014

The local government of Tuscany. A review of 2013

Because of the instability of the present economic phase and […]


30 July 2014

A critical analysis of municipal expenditure in Tuscany

Assessing the efficiency of municipal public expenditure in a context […]

513_cover S&A D'INVERNO spesa comunale_07_2014

28 July 2014

The public project feasibility study in local PPPs: a Guide and a Toolkit

Quite often public projects’ design in Italy does not ensues […]


24 July 2014

To understand before investing in the territory

Metropolitan cities, regional urban poles and strategic areas: how to […]

509_Prima di investire, conoscere il territorio - Sabrina Iommi-001

11 July 2014

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