DirectorNicola Sciclone

The director is the Institute’s legal representative and keeps relationships with Regional authorities and other parties.
He is in charge of the scientific, administrative and financial management of IRPET.

(CV Sciclone)

Steering and Monitoring Committee  
President: Mauro QUERCIOLI, appointed by the president of the Tuscany Regional Government
Members appointed by the Tuscany Regional Council:  Michele BAZZANI, Marco BRACCI, Moreno MENCARELLI, Gianmaria NARDI.

The Steering and Monitoring Committee approves the annual and multi-year programs and nominates the members of the Scientific Committee. The President chairs the sessions of the Steering and Monitoring Committee, and establishes its agenda; each year, he presents the annual report on the Institute’ s activity to the Regional Government – which submits it to the Regional Council.


Scientific Committee 

The member of the Scientific Committee are:
President: Professor Prof. Claudio LUCIFORA – Full Professor of Economics, Department of Economics and Finance, Università Cattolica di Milano

• Prof. Simone BORGHESI – Full Professor of Economic Policy, Department of Political and International Sciences, Università degli studi di Siena

• Prof. Roberta CAPELLO – Full Professor of Applied Economics, Department of Architecture, Construction Engineering and Built Environment, Politecnico di Milano

• Prof. Paolo LIBERATI – Full Professor of Finance, Department of Economics, Università degli studi Roma Tre

• Prof. Fabrizia MEALLI – Full Professor of Statistics, Department of Statistics, Computer Science, Applicazioni ‘G. Parenti’ (DiSIA), Università degli studi di Firenze

• Prof. Andrea ROVENTINI – Full Professor of Institute of Economics, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa

• Prof. Francesca SPIGARELLI – Full Professor of Applied Economics, Università degli studi di Macerata

Board of auditors 
This body controls the administrative and accounting regularity.
Its members are appointed by the President of the Regional Council.
At present, members are:
Mario CHIAPPUELLA (President), Ettore ANDREANI, Cinzia SCARTONI