Date Events and presentations

11 December 2015 Theory and policy in public economy

10 December 2015 Territorial finance in Italy

10 December 2015 Program Evaluation and Spatial Dimension

7 December 2015 Second National Conference of the Association for Quality-of-Life Studies (AIQUAV). Life quality and lifestyles.

4 December 2015 Liabilities of native and immigrant entrepreneurs in globalisation: The case of Prato.

30 November 2015 Quality of public investments and evaluation tools

28 November 2015 Bulding the Tuscany of the future – Merging means strength.

25 November 2015 <b>Study seminar on the issue “Evaluating public funding of enterprises”</b>

6 November 2015 Local systems in 2011: innovations, quality and prospects

6 November 2015 DIREeFARE - The government of territory

27 October 2015 UNIVERSITY – INDUSTRY COLLABORATION: A NEW MILESTONE. Development of High-Tech Enterprises in the Post-Crisis Economy as a Tool for Economic Growth of Regions Traditionally Lacking Advanced Industry.

26 October 2015 Opportunities and prospects for costal Tuscany

23 October 2015 The Tourism Satellite Account of Tuscany. A feasibility study

22 October 2015 IRPET-SdF web application

17 October 2015 Workshop on The new features of the Stability Law and the local tax system.

15 October 2015 10th International Regional Innovation Policies Conference

13 October 2015 Jobs Act and activation policies: operational tools and opportunities

1 October 2015 Moving to a new model of institutional governance for a new territorial planning

29 September 2015 The tools for drawing up and evaluating an Urban Sustainable Mobility Plan

24 September 2015 XXVII Conferenza SIEP 2015- Public Policies in Financial Crisis

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