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In recent years, public opinion and institutions have grown more aware of how early school-leaving constitutes one of the main problems in Italian education. Such awareness has been prompted by pressure from the European community, which set among its member States’ priority goals the reduction of school drop-out rates, first with the Lisbon Strategy and later with the 2020 Europe Strategy. High school drop-out rates certainly represent a serious hindrance to an intelligent and inclusive growth. Early school leaving involves costs, not only at individual but also at social and economic level. From the individual’s standpoint, he will have lifelong negative consequences on his job opportunities, income levels and general quality of life. From an economic point of view, over time there will be negative impacts on the availability of qualified workers, the innovation capability of firms and, consequently, economic growth.

Autore: coordinamento di Nicola Sciclone;
gruppo di lavoro: Marco Bontempi, Enrico Conti, Giovanna Del
Gobbo, Silvia Duranti, Giacomo Fontani, Simone Provenzano e Carla Rampichini