cover Il sistema rurale toscano 2016The Tuscan rural system, 2016 Report illustrates the trends in agriculture for 2015, in many respects a year of recovery, thanks to the good performance of woody crops – especially olive groves – the further development of ancillary activities, and the reduction in the input costs. The second part of the report touches on the trends and characteristics of the region’s most significant rural industries, i.e. of cereals, olive oil, bovine meat, and the forestry-wood-energy supply chain. The report closes with some in-depth thematic studies on the growth prospects of secondary and ancillary agricultural activities and on the role of rural development for the growth of the wider region.

Author: Simone Bertini, Fabio Boncinelli and Sara Turchetti

Publication details: IRPET, January 2017 ISBN 978-88-6517-076-2