IRPET contribution to the volume “Poverty in Tuscany – First report for the year 2017”.

The Report consists of three parts: the first carries out an in-depth discussion and an attempt at measuring poverty, with specific reference to the policies implemented at European, Italian and Tuscan level; the second and third parts contains thematic studies derived from ad hoc researches focused on two emerging questions, i.e. the launching of a national measure for combating poverty (Support to Active Inclusion) and food poverty.

Through its Social Observatory, the Tuscany Region coordinated a research group formed by ANCI Toscana (National Association of Italian Municipalities of Tuscany), the University of Siena and IRPET. The team work, on the one hand put forward new data and specific investigations, and on the other systematized the already available information

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Copertina Le Poverta 2017

Author: Maria Luisa Maitino, Letizia Ravagli and Nicola Sciclone

Publication details: Essay published in the volume "Poverty in Tuscany – First report for the year 2017", 2017, pp. 52-56