The aim of this work is to assess how much R&D and innovative activity is carried out by those Tuscan firms that received no aids from the regional R&D and innovation program implemented in 2014, mostly with respect to the technological domains included in the roadmaps that constitute the regional Smart Specialization Strategy. Special attention is devoted to outline, separately, the innovative activity carried out by so-called dynamic firms and by non-dynamic firms. The study is based on a telephone survey conducted on a vast sample of regional firms. Results show that the number of Tuscan firms that are active in the technological domains included in the roadmaps but were not financed by the previous program is remarkably high. These firms might be interested in participating in future regional programs based on the same technological domains. Nowadays, the majority of these firms is dynamic. The number of non-dynamic firms that would be left out of a future program is limited.

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Autore: Marco Mariani

Dicitura Bibliografica: Irpet, dicembre 2017
Committente: Regione Toscana - Autorità di Gestione del POR-FESR