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The report presents the results of the traditional biennial survey on women working in medium and large companies in Tuscany, aimed at reporting gender gaps and potential discriminations phenomena against women. In this edition of the Report, the traditional survey is accompanied by a more qualitative survey, aimed at deepening the view of medium and big-sized companies on some major aspects that relate to the theme of women and employment. The survey sought to identify medium and large enterprises’ priorities with regard to female workers and the feasibility of policy interventions aimed at positively influencing the quantity and quality of female employment.

Autore: a cura di Silvia Duranti, con la collaborazione di Marco Scarselli e Luca Caterino di reteSviluppo S.c.
La Consigliera di Parità della Regione Toscana, Wanda Pezzi, ha collaborato all’impostazione del lavoro.