cover Volume-Rapporto-DonneGender represents the social construct of biological sex. On the one hand, it allows individuals to recognize each other, but on the other hand it affects and limits choices and behaviours, generating a number of inequalities, predominantly to the disadvantage of women. From this viewpoint, gender becomes of fundamental importance for the understanding of society as a whole, and particularly its main social and economic institutions, like the family, school, the market and so on, whose organization can be read through the analysis of men-women division of labour.
This is the third report on the economic and working conditions of women drawn up by the Regional Institute Planning Economic of Tuscany (IRPET) within the scope of its program of activities, and was commissioned by the Division for “Protection of customers and users. Gender policies, regional policies on homophobia and female entrepreneurship” of the Regional Council Presidency – Directorate-General



Author: Natalia Faraoni per conto della Fondazione per la Ricerca e l’Innovazione

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Publication details: © IRPET, Febbraio 2015  ISBN 978-88-6517-064-9