In this report, we analyze the investments of Tuscan manufacturing firms in environmental sustainability by adopting a perspective that conceives the former as open, relational systems operating within their respective value chains. After giving a picture of the ecological footprint of Tuscan manufacturing, we analyze the characteristics of the companies that have invested in environmental sustainability measures, grouping these measures by subject area. Furthermore, we give an overview of organizational changes, skills and relationships with other actors in the local and extra-local context that such investments have requested. Again, the work assesses the strength of supply chain links as mechanisms for transmitting innovation in the environmental field. Finally, we sketch an ideal “sustainable firm” as a function of the initiatives undertaken over time and additional organizational choices.

cover Rapporto sostenibilità ambientale imprese

Author: Natalia Faraoni, Tommaso Ferraresi e Sara Turchetti, coordinamento di Simonte Bertini