IRPET awards scholarship grants for training and post-graduate studies in the Institute’s subject fields. The number, programs, length and amount of grants are approved by the Steering and Monitoring Committee upon proposal of the Director, and must comply with the duties institutionally assigned to IRPET and its budget constraints. The awarded grant program is supervised by a scientific coordinator, appointed by the Director.

The selection of candidates for the assignment of scholarships is based on qualifications and exams. The criteria and modalities of selection, as well as the obligations that must be fulfilled by the scholarship awardee are established in a specific regulation.

The announcement of scholarship selections are published in the Official Bulletin of the Tuscany Region (Bollettino Ufficiale della Regione Toscana – BURT) and in the IRPET website.

For information on IRPET’s scholarship projects, please contact:
Gianna Falsini (Secretariat) Tel. 055 4591237; e-mail

Research areas


* Local districts and productive systems
* Income distribution and poverty
* Rural economics and policies
* Urban economics
* Territorial analysis
* Public economics and local finance
* Taxation
* Institutional bodies
* Education
* Cultural economics
* Enterprises
* Innovation
* Industrial policies
* Economic and social infrastructures
* Mobility and transports
* Labour
* Regional macroeconomics
* Tourism
* Public utilities
* Society and families
* Program evaluation
* Project evaluation
* Welfare