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In a world of rapid economic and technological change, resilient regions with sustainable socio-economic structures and institutions are more important than ever for social progress and development. The ERSA congress “Social Progress for Resilient Regions” will host a large variety of themes in spatial, regional and urban economics, economic geography and regional policy topics like local governance and institutions. 

IRPET will be present with several researchers: Chiara Bocci, Claudia Ferretti, Marco Mariani and heads of unit Patrizia Lattarulo and Nicola Sciclone. 

Ordinary Session  G12-O1 Regional or Urban Policy, Governance
Presentation Title: Spatial Interactions in Property Tax Policies Among Italian Municipalities
Authors: Chiara Bocci, Claudia Ferretti, Patrizia Lattarulo 

Special Session  S23-S2 Counterfactual Methods for Regional Policy Evaluation
Presentation Title: What training for the unemployed? An impact evaluation for targeting training course
Authors: Silvia Duranti, Maria Luisa Maitino, Valentina Patacchini e Nicola Sciclone (IRPET) Carla Rampichini (Università di Firenze) 

Special Session: S23-S3 Counterfactual Methods for Regional Policy Evaluation
Presentation Title: R&D collaboration policies: Are they really able to promote networking?
Authors: Annalisa Caloffi, Marco Mariani, Federica Rossi, Margherita Russo

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Groningen, The Netherlands