On Friday 4 May in Piazza Duomo (Sala Cutuli Regione Toscana) at 11.00 am the “IRPET Territorial Observatory” will be presented, created on behalf of the Tuscany Region. A territorial information system, with socio-economic and financial data at the municipal scale, which allows a guided reading of both the structural features of the different territories and of the main investment strategies implemented. [Spacer height = “8px”]

The database, which can be consulted on-line on the IRPET institutional website and periodically updated, provides the Local Authorities, but also the companies and other stakeholders in the territory, with all relevant context information for setting up territorial and strategic planning policies. of revision and / or updating of the offer of local public services, as well as investment strategies and local development.

osservatorio Territoriale

Piazza Duomo (Sala Cutuli Regione Toscana)

La presentazione di Sabrina Iommi e Donatella Marinari