The Faculty of Economics “Giorgio Fuà” and the Department of Economics and Social Sciences of the Marche Polytechnic University are pleased to invite you to attend the 33rd annual Conference of the Italian Association of Labour Economists to be held in Ancona (AN), on the 20th-21st September 2018. 

Theme: Population ageing, fertility and family policies 

The theme of the AIEL 2018 plenary sessions is the analysis of population ageing and of the role of families in fertility decisions, labour market participation, and children’s education. The keynote lectures will be delivered by Jan van Ours(Erasmus University Rotterdam), Andrea Ichino (European University Institute), and Rafael Lalive (University of Lausanne). 

Silvia Duranti e Elena Cappellini presents the paper ” The Youth Guarantee: A Real Opportunity for Neets?”

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