The sustainability of food supply chains: theory, tools and empirical analysis

Intervengono S. Turchetti e T. Ferraresi

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Università degli studi di Parma - Via Kennedy, 6 - Parma | Intervengono S. Turchetti e T. Ferraresi

Scientific Workshop

Parma, 11 and 12 April 2024

The workshop is organised by the Department of Economics and Management Sciences (DSEA) in collaboration with the Centre for Studies in European and International Affairs (CSEIA) of the University of Parma, within the framework of the ONFOODS Project (

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Per l’IRPET partecipano Sara Turchetti e Tommaso Ferraresi con la relazione “To what extent are the Italian regional food systems vulnerable to climate shocks? An assessment framework to detect critical products” (di S. Turchetti, T. Ferraresi, L. Piccini, L. Ghezzi, R. Paniccià) durante la sessione:

PARALLEL 3.2: Accounting and reporting systems for the sustainability of food systems
Time: 12/Apr/2024: 11:30am-1:00pm · Location: AULA K 9 – Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche e Aziendali

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